Jacee Chalise

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wow, I have been a totally slacker on updating my blog. Between work, girls, and house work I have been crazy busy.  I will try to remember most of what has happened.  In February my youngest brother, Kyle left on his mission to San Jose Costa Rica, he gave a great farewell talk and he will be a great missionary.  On March 11th, we celebrated Allie's 10th Birthday.  I can't believe how fast she is growing up.  On Saturday she had her first Birthday party with friends.  We took the girls to the Fun Park for laser tag and games.  Then to our house for cupcakes and ice cream.  All in all, Allie said she had a great day.  For her Birthday, Allie got a shirt, two Monster High dolls, a Glee CD,  a Monster High movie, tween magazine, and Diary of a wimpy kid do-it-yourself diary book. 
      Jacee is growing so fast, she is standing up by herself now.  She is evening taking a few steps.  Its exciting but kind of not, cause I know she will get into everything.  She is already tired of Baby food and always wants whatever we have.  She is such a funny and cute little girl.  I just love her bright blue eyes.  Caitlin is doing well too, she is just waiting for her Birthday to get here. I will try to keep my blog better updated but no promises.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A much needed update

Its been a really long time since I updated the blog, chalk it up to being busy with baby, always tired, and forgetfulness. Things are going pretty good, Jacee is growing so fast.  On July 1st, we had her baby blessing, Jake did a really good job, you know he loves her, when he cried the whole way through it.  But it was very sweet. The girls ( Allie and Caitlin) are actually adjusting pretty well to having a baby sister. Caitlin and Jacee are like BFFs, Caitlin was the one who got her to smile first.  I can't believe how fast she is growing, she is already rolling over. She is way cute ( I am bias, I know) her eyes are such a pretty blue color.  Allie and Caitlin are back in school already, they too are growing up too fast.  Allie is in 4th grade this year, her teacher is Mr. Jack. Caitlin is in Life skills class and Miss Renee's Kindergarten, so both of them are gone to school all day, so it is very quiet at home.  I am now working weekends 12 hour shifts, which isn't my favorite, but I am able to take the girls to school and be home to help them with homework.  We didn't do much this summer with Jacee being here. But we did go get Family pictures taken and then took the girls to Boondocks. I know that I said I would be better at taking more pictures this year, well unfortunately that hasn't happen yet. I will continue to work on that.  On a different note, the other day Caitlin was playing so good with her little dolls sitting at the table while I was doing dishes. I smiled and then realized that there was a chance that-that chair could of been empty. But thanks to the miracle of modern medicine and great blessings Caitlin is still here with us, and she is healthy and almost 4 years cancer-free.  She is such a funny and cute little girl. Jake and I are doing good, just busy with raising our girls, and working.  All in all, we are enjoy life and all its crazy moments.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

She is finally here!

Well Baby girl number 3 arrived on Friday April 6, at 7:04 am. It was a little bit scary this time around we almost didn't make it to the hospital in time. Labor only lasted about 3 and a half hours. But everything is good with both Mom and Baby Jacee Chalise. She weighed 6 lbs 7 oz. and 19 in in length. She has quite a bit of dark brown hair and blue eyes. It been a while since we have had a baby in our house but we are enjoying every moment.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Caitlin!

Well yesterday we celebrated Caitlin's fifth birthday, wow I can't believe she is already five years old. She is growing up so fast, and she says the funniest things. Her favorite phase right now is "That is so awesome" we are not quite sure where she got it from. We didn't make any big birthday plans this year cause we were sure when Baby Jacee would arrive. Just FYI, I am still pregnant, was hoping Jacee would arrive at the end of March, so the girls birthdays wouldn't be so close together, but I guess she isn't ready yet. The girls are out of school for spring break, so we got up and opened presents, and then we went out to lunch at Caitlin's favorite place Carl's Jr. I am pretty sure that Caitlin liked all of her presents, she received a Hello Kitty Ds case, Hop the movie, a Care bear movie, Strawberry Shortcake mini dolls, Minnie and Daisy with cars, a Polly pocket size Ariel house and dolls, and Monster High create a monster mini dolls (which was a lot harder to put together then we thought, Jake was not very happy) and Mickey mouse squickes (those tiny toys in the clear plastic balls) and Tinkerbell shoes. We did brownies and ice cream on Sunday with my family. I know I am a bad mom, I didn't make cake or cupcakes for my daughter's birthday, well no one eats them, so why make them. I threw away the cupcakes we got for Allie, since they only ate one each and then pretty much just the frosting. We are hoping that Jacee will arrive in the next couple of days so we can be together as a family for Easter, but we will see what happens.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Allie's 9th Birthday!!!!!

Well I am getting really old quick, my oldest daughter turned 9 years old on Sunday. I believe she had a very good Birthday, well she said she did. On Saturday we went out to eat at Wendys, Allie loves the frostys. We also went to the movie The Lorax, which was really cute, it was a little bit more entertaining than the old version. I like the old one, but the new one has cute and funny songs. On Sunday we had French toast for breakfast, and then we let Allie open her presents. She got a case for her Nintendo Ds, Mario Party DS game, and an American girl magazine. Caitlin and Allie also got matching I love Monster high t-shirts. We also got Mario Party 9 on Wii but that was for the whole family. So all in all we had a good weekend, now we are just patiently waiting for the arrival of our bundle of joy Jacee, we are kind of hoping that she comes a little early, well sometime before the end of March, since Caitlin's Birthday is April 2nd. But I for sure want her to be healthy, but I think we have pretty much everything ready for her arrival.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Welch's Winter Adventures

I love the Holiday season, but this year it seemed to fly by. It felt like we had Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas within a three week time frame. I am glad that Christmas is over, I like it, but its a lot of work. I was even too tired to make cookies for Santa, so he got Oreos. I think that everyone really liked what they got which is a good thing. Caitlin got a pink Nintendo DS, Smurfs Ds game, Toy Story 3 Wii game, some DVDs, 3 Monster High Dolls, a Magnet color easel, PJ's, a dress, and some books. Allie got a pink Nintendo Ds, Super Princess Peach Ds game, 6 Monster High dolls, Monster High book, PJ's, a Church dress, slippers, an Ipod, and a Monster High Wii game. Jake got a Blue Nintendo 3D DS, Mario Kart 7 game, some shirts, Roboto Uno, cologne, and Framing Hanley cd. I got PJ's, a hot/cold massager, lotion, Breaking Dawn cd, and a heart necklace. I am sure everyone got more stuff than that but its tricky to remember everything. Like I said I like Christmas, but when its over its over, so the day after I took down the Christmas tree. On December 29th Elder Kenny Hugie made it back home safely from his Mission in Milwaukee Wisconsin. We are excited to have him home. His welcome home was on January 1st, which he gave a really good talk. So New Years eve was spent with my family playing games and eating good food. Now we are just looking forward to a new year, and hopefully accomplish some of our goals. Also looking forward to the Superbowl, the girls birthdays, and welcome our new baby girl sometime around the first of April.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Drum Roll..... Please!

Well we had an ultrasound of the baby on November 9th. And....Its another girl! Jake and I were a little shocked at first just cause this pregnancy has been so different we really thought that we were having a boy. Oh well, we will try one more time in a couple of years for a little guy. We actually had to come home and look up some girl names because we only had a boy name and it wasn't really unisex. But everything looks normal and healthy, and my due date is still set for April 5th. So the good thing is we don't have to buy any new clothes, well maybe just a few. I think we will have to spring for a new crib though, ours is kind of trashed, with the wood cracking and splitting in places. I will try to post ultrasound picture but no promises it may not work.